5 Arthritis Trigger Foods to Avoid

Dietary Decisions Always Critical to Overall Wellness, But for Arthritis Sufferers Some Foods can have Major Impact on Joint Health

There are Numerous Commonly Triggering Foods to Prevent if you have Arthritis. For Happier, Healthier Joints, Try These Simple Swaps.

  1. Pasta

Items containing Gluten — like pasta, bread, crackers and bagels — may Cause Problems for your Joints, Especially if you have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Why? Wheat Contains Protein that can Irritate and Aggravate Arthritic Joints. Along with Wheat, Barley and Rye also Include Gluten, so you Might want to Steer clear of these too.

Instead, Try Polenta, Quinoa or Quick Cooking Brown Rice. They’re Free of Gluten, Rich in Fiber and take Only Minutes to Prepare.

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