The Law Of Attraction & The Truth About Visualization

Visualization is a tool of the Law of Attraction that has been used for thousands of years by initiates of all metaphysical schools.

Today it is integrated into the daily routine of top athletes and is often used in business matters. It is widely used among highly successful people who are either consciously or unconsciously aware of their creative power. So if it has stood the test of time and is still used by high achievers, we have to conclude that it works! But has it worked for you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above question, then you know how effective this technique can be. If, on the other hand, you answered ‘no”, then you should not be put off, because I will now show you a sure-fire way to achieve your goals using this mostly misunderstood art.

The problem with visualization is simple – it’s in the name!

When studying and looking at the law of attraction and the art of visualization, most people are under the impression that they need to create visual images and make them real or lifelike. Many people, in fact the majority, find this almost impossible to do. Even if they can formulate a solid image of their goal, they find it extremely difficult to maintain the image over time. Either the image fades, changes or other thoughts get in the way.

This kind of visualization is almost impossible to maintain and fortunately not even necessary. Why is the? Because your visualization needs to be placed in the subconscious mind, and there’s good news. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between an imaginary event and a real one. Your visual image only needs to be as visually powerful as any other imagined event. But that’s only half the battle.

If all you had to do was imagine something and your world would automatically change to reflect your imagination, the world would be full of chaos (not to mention all the creepy, crawly, bug-eyed monsters). Therefore, a few more steps are required before the visualization is passed on to the subconscious mind for manifestation.

Let us do a little experiment. Recall a scene from your past that is associated with many good feelings. Any good memory will do, e.g. the first time you heard the words “I love you” from your partner, a spectacular sunset, a great vacation event or your last birthday. Choose one and remember it. How clear is the image? Can you remember any sounds? How did you feel? Is there a sense of touch, taste or smell? Determine how your memory works. Is it mainly visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or emotional?

What do you think?

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